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The Web Page of the Mighty AHS Class of 1960

dedicated to those classmates who have gone on before us.


Abbeville, Louisiana 


Our Principal 

Noah Langlinais - Principal - 1957 - 1965

Among the oaks and cypress

Where Vermilion Bayou flows

There stands our Alma Mater Dear

Where lasting friendship grows

Although we leave you through  the years

Our hearts are always thine

Abbeville, Abbeville, Alma Mater mine


Favorite time of day



1st row, sitting
Carroll Frederick, Midge Weekly Duhon,Holly Vaughn Suire, Barbara Gayle Primeaux LeMaire, (in back of Barbara Gayle) Douglas Romero , Janice Ledet Choate, Donna Lee Piazza Girgen, Florence "Flo" Bandeaux Romero, Laurie Lee Broussard Domingue,

2nd row, sitting in chairs and kneeling
Velta Vaughn Baxley, Linda Carlson Ward, Virlie Bodin Duhon, Barbara Abshire Istre, Janell Simon LeMaire, Trina LeBouef Broussard, Cludette Broussard Sounier, Mary Lou Dubois Stoute, Patricia DeHart Dupuy, Bradley Simon,

3rd row standing
Louis Durke, Gerald Cessac, James "Paw Paw" Kitchell, James Griffin, Brenda Roy, (in back behind Brenda's left shoulder) Lloyd Cox, (next to Lloyd) Gloria Peltier Ramke, Laura Mae Broussard David, Judy Schexnayder Hadly, (in back of Judy, you can just see the top of his head) Jeffrey Domingue, (in front of Jeff) Frances Thibodeaux Landry, (in front of Frances) Eva Jane Hebert Landry, (in back of Eva) Frances Gisclair Bercier, (in front of Frances) Judy Flory Goutierrez, (in back of Judy) A. W. "Butch" Landry, (in back of Judy Flory's left shoulder) Joycelyn Daspit Fontenot, (in back of Joycelyn) Leona Ancona Martin, (next to A. W., and in back of Leona) John Pere (almost bald), Tommy Morell (white hair), (in front of Tommy) Nettie Campbell Primeaux, Nona Bell Faulk Griffin, (between Nettie and Nona) Lynn Broussard,  (behind Nona's left shoulder)  Bradley Baudoin,  Frances McPherson Dickson, Pauette Landry, (between Frances and Paulette) Jeffrey Guidry, Sylvia Broussard Hoffman, Louis Kendall Broussard

4th row  
Patrick Dore, Carroll Sellers, Jane Ellen Bourque Broussard, Mathilde "Teal" Boudreaux St.Marie, Connie LeBouef Breaux, Mary Nell LeBlanc Delcambre, Margaret Touchet Richard, Florence "Flo" Miller Arnold.













Memorial Hall

These are our classmates who have gone on ahead of us

Kathleen Thibodeaux Graham 9/9/42 - 3/31/80
Don Everett Stansbury 02/14/41 - 10/11/80
Reid Keith Hebert 04/07/42 - 09/30/85
Cecil Vincent 09/04/41 - 11/29/97
Daniel Noel 02/24/42 - 12/31/97
Walter Theall 10-08-41 - 10/29/99
Myrtle Aymond McDowell 10/18/42 - 12/06/01
Leonard LeBlanc 12/16/42 - 01/17/02
Rosalie Ancona Gautreaux 01/18/42 - 04/12/02
Geraldine "Jerri" Patin Broussard 05/29/42 -  02/02/05
John Larry "Buddy" Mosier 11/02/41 - 08/31/05
Ruby Primeaux Heenan 01/30/42 - 12/16/05
Oris Luquette 12/19/41 - 09/12/07
Rosalyn East Hebert 11/12/42 - 11/12/007
Ronald Richard 01/30/42 - 03/25/08
Annie Broussard 04/08/42 - 11/06/08
Ronnie Jon Mouton 01/04/43 - 03/27/10
Daniel Harrington 01/27/41 - 06/13/10




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