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Champanel grape, Southern King Pear, 20th Century pear, Satsuma, Tennosui

Note From Dr. Natelson

The Tennosui picture was taken by Bill Adams, the former Extension Agent in Houston and who was at the Abbeville meeting.  The Southern King picture I took.  Both of these pears can be eaten directly off the tree, when ripe.  The Tennosui stays white when cut for days and must have large amounts of anti-oxidants.  Both of these are from a cross of Tennessee X Housi and are the best of the crosses we made of these two cultivars.  They both have good fire blight resistance, perhaps not as exceptional as Tennessee, but much superior to Housi which blights badly here.  Tennosui is very precocious, bearing in 3 years on Calleryana.  Southern King, less so.  I would put the chill requirement of Tennosui at about 500-600 hours and Southern King at about 550-600 hours.  They both work in Houston, better in our cooler areas.  They are both higher chill than   Southern Bartlett which I would put as about 350-450 chill hours.



1992 Left To Right, T .O. Warren, Bill Rawls, myself Travis Callahan, and Hartwell Cook at Hartwell's home near Clinton, Mississippi.

Hartwell was the ultimate host and I went home with a trunk full of things to plant.

I found myself surrounded with 150 years of fruit growing experience. Sadly the three of them are gone now.






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